MS Teams - Chat with a Student Employee


  • How do I chat in Teams with a student employee?
  • How do I add a student employee to a team?
  • I am a student employee and cannot use Teams


  • Oregon State University
  • Teams


All current students are licensed for Teams with their account. That is the account students need to use to login to Teams. Anyone trying to chat with a student in Teams or add a student to a team needs to use the student's account.

Student employees also often have an Exchange mailbox associated with their work. The Exchange mailbox is associated with a different account, typically with a username of ("SE" stands for "Student Employee"). The student employee account is not licensed for Teams. Sending chat messages to the account does not work.


Chat with a Student Employee

Use the account for the student in Teams.

Login as a Student Employee

Login to Teams with your account.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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