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  • What are the client IP ranges for the OSU VPN?


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This article is intended for anyone who has IP-restricted a service or device and needs to know the IP ranges of VPN users. This article assumes an understanding of CIDR notation.

When clients connect to the VPN server, they appear to come from an OSU IP address in a specific range. Service or device owners may wish to grant access to this range in their access control lists or firewalls.


To grant access to all clients connected to the OSU VPN, allow the following range:

VPN IP Block: / 17 ( / 26)

Note: on-campus devices will see the private 10. addresses; off-campus devices will see the public 128.193 addresses.

The following table details the IP ranges for each VPN connection type:

NAT Range Pool Pool Block / 28 SAML Full Tunnel / 19 / 28 SAML Split Tunnel / 19 / 28 Delegated Full Tunnel / 19 / 28 Delegated Split Tunnel / 19

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