MS Teams - Microsoft Retiring Support for Android 4.4


  • Microsoft is retiring support for Teams on Android 4.4 on August 1, 2020.


  • Oregon State University
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Android


OSU received the following notice from Microsoft:

We will be retiring the Teams support on Android 4.4. Instead we recommend that users upgrade to newer Android builds, which is where we will continue to invest. You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more users in your organization are using Android devices that has Android version 4.4. The existing Teams build will continue to work on Android 4.4 for the next 2 months but there won't be any app updates going forward.


Update Android OS to 5 or above.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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Mon 7/6/20 7:36 AM
Mon 7/6/20 8:16 AM