Exchange Online - I can't sign in to Outlook; Error "Couldn't find a mailbox" or "UserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedError"


  • When I try to login to Outlook on the Web, I receive the error "UserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedError."
  • When I try to login to Outlook email, I receive the message "Something went wrong. We couldn't find a mailbox for this account."


  • Oregon State University
  • Exchange Online
  • Outlook on the Web
  • Undergraduate Student, New Employee, Former Employee


The error message means that your account does not have an Exchange mailbox.


  • Students: If you are an undergraduate student, you will not receive an Exchange mailbox from OSU. Instead, please use OSU Gmail.
  • New Employees and Graduate Students: If you are an incoming employee or incoming graduate student, your department may not have requested setup of your Exchange mailbox yet. (Exchange email setup is a manual process, not automatic.) Ask your department to request an Exchange mailbox for you.
  • Former Employees: Exchange mailboxes are removed for former employees.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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