Using a Portable Flex Kit


University Information and Technology is offering Portable Flex Kits to provide a mobile audio and video solution for using Zoom in spaces that don't have installed collaboration technology. This article explains how to setup and use a Portable Flex Kit for web collaboration and audio/video recording.

Note: Flex Kits are being designated to departmental classrooms that are not equipped with fully installed camera/microphone collaboration technology to enable remote and blended course delivery. To learn about using a Flex Kit in your scheduled classroom, please check with your College IT Support group. 


  • How to setup and use a Portable Flex Kit for web collaboration and audio/video recording.


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About the Flex Kit

1. The Portable Flex Kit comes in a travel case, and has a USB camera and mounting clamp, USB speaker-microphone system, USB Hub, and cables for connecting to a laptop or other provided computer system. 

Note: Additionally, a limited supply of laptops are available for loan through the UIT Service Desk to complete the kit. Click Here to learn more about this laptop loan program.

Setting up the Flex Kit

Camera Setup

1. Connect the camera to your laptop's USB port using the supplied USB cable.

2. Attach the camera to your laptop or computer screen, or use the mounting clamp to get a different point of view. 

Speaker/Microphone Setup

1. Next, Connect the speaker-microphone system to your laptop using the USB cable.

Note: For the best audio quality, set up the speaker-microphone system close to whomever is speaking. 

2. If you don't have enough USB Ports on your computer, use the USB Hub to increase the number of ports to create the connections. 

3. The speaker-microphone system volume can be turned up or down using the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons. Volume indicator lights are located just above the volume controls.

4. The microphone button allows you to mute the microphones. LED lights display whether or not the microphone is muted: Red for muted, Green for un-muted.

Note: Use SoundCap Mode to automatically mute distracting background noise and set the microphone to pick up sound 3 feet or closer. 

5. To enable Sound Cap Mode: Press and hold the microphone button and the minus (-) button at the same time until the LED lights display the color blue. 

Zoom Setup

1. Click the up-carrot next to the video camera icon to select the camera source. Choose Huddley GO.

2. Then click the up-carrot next to the microphone icon to select the audio sources. 

  • For the microphone, choose Echo Cancelling Speakerphone - Yamaha YVC 330.
  • For the speaker, choose Echo Cancelling Speakerphone - Yamaha YVC 330.

Consult the following tutorial for a video demonstrating these functions.

Still have questions?

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