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  • Are there any outdoor areas with intentional wifi coverage?
  • Are there any parking lots with intentional wifi coverage?


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Most of OSU's wireless network is intended to provide coverage in indoor spaces. Wireless may bleed over into outdoor areas but coverage is not particularly good in those cases.

However, a few outdoor areas have intentional wifi coverage; they are listed below.


Yellow areas on this map indicate outdoor wireless coverage areas:

Outdoor spaces with intentional wifi coverage on the OSU Corvallis campus:

  • Valley Library quad - the South half of the quad is covered by access points mounted on Valley Library
  • Parking structure at 26th and Washington Way - most areas in the parking structure are covered but there are a few dead spots
  • Parking lot North of McNary hall, near the East end of the building
  • Cascade Hall parking lot - most spots are reserved for Public Safety but a few non-reserved parking spots have wifi coverage as well
  • Jefferson Street Building (JSB) parking lot
  • PFSC West and Southeast area
  • Richardson West courtyard area
  • Student Legacy Park
  • Quad between LINC and Austin
  • In front of the MU building, extending to about where the grass starts
  • Covered area between MU and SEC
  • South side of Langton (archery range and grass area)
  • Plaza between Johnson and Kelly
  • West side of Tebeau
  • South side of Champinefu
  • Front (North) side of Azalia House and Champinefu (along the street)
  • Peavy Forestry Science Center West and Southeast area
  • East side of Magruder


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