Email - Can I opt out of External Email Warnings?


  • Can I opt out of the external email warnings that show "This email originated from outside of OSU."?


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In Summer 2020, OSU enabled an email feature to do the following on all messages coming from outside of OSU email systems:

  • Prepend the following to the message body: "[This email originated from outside of OSU. Use caution with links and attachments.]"

This warning was added to help prevent account compromises. Account compromise is still a serious issue for OSU, as not all services are protected with Duo two-step login yet. Compromised accounts are often used to send spam email, damaging the reputation of OSU email with other sites.

Please note that a message may be sent from an "official" OSU source but still be external. Examples include automated messages from cloud-hosted services such as EmpCenter. Some of these allowed senders will be exempted from the external warning messages.


At this time there is no opt-out process for external warning messages.

Some customers have reported that the warning message causes issues when previewing email items. The following adjustments may help address this issue:

  • In Outlook, select the View menu
  • Select Current View, Message Preview, and select "3 Lines"
  • Choose whether to apply this setting to the current folder or the entire mailbox
  • Preview will now show more of the message content

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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