Zoom and Teams Feature Comparison Chart for 1:1 Advising Appointments Scheduled by Bookings


  • How do I use Teams or Zoom with Bookings?
  • How do the features of Teams and Zoom compare to one another?


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This feature comparison chart was created in response to requests from the OSU advising community about what the experience would be like to book 1:1 appointments in Bookings then host them on either Teams or Zoom. This chart is designed to help you decide which works best given what features you value most. Both are available options to OSU employees.


Zoom and Teams Feature Comparison for 1:1 Advising Appointments Scheduled by Bookings

  Zoom Teams
What is it? Video conferencing and web collaboration software Unified communication and collaboration platform that combines chat, video meetings, file storage, and project management apps together
Is it FERPA Compliant?

Yes, when student is logged in with their ONID credentials

*Note: You can require them to login with their ONID. See how here

Yes, when student is logged in with their ONID credentials

*Note: If the student is not logged in with ONID, (Guest) will appear next to their name

How do I make sure my students login with their ONID credentials?

*Note: only currently registered students can use ONID credentials to login to Zoom & Teams. Need to use other identity validation methods for prospective, incoming, or returning students

You can require this by adjusting your Zoom account settings.

See how here

You can’t require it. But you can add a message in your Confirmation and Reminder emails advising them to login with their ONIDs.

*Note: If advisor plans to share student info during meeting (e.g. screen share MyDegrees), use another method* to validate student identity if not logged in to ONID. (*Ask three non-directory info questions as recommended by OtR)

How do I set it up in Bookings? Copy and paste your Zoom personal meeting room link into the Default Location text box in the service setting page. Also, copy and paste in the entire meeting invitation into the confirmation message Turn on the “add online meeting” feature in Bookings in the service setting page. This will auto-create a link to join the meeting in your Outlook calendar event for new meetings and send the link to the student in their confirmation email
What is the experience like with back-to-back appointments? 

You will start (or “open”) a Zoom meeting and students will appear in your “Waiting Room” so you can admit them when you are ready for them  

*Note: You will need to turn on the Waiting Room feature

You will open an individual link that is populated in your Outlook calendar event or Teams app calendar for each appointment 
Does it need to be downloaded to attend the meeting?  No. Can join meeting using web browser, better experience with installed application  No. Can join meeting using web browser, better experience with installed application 
Is there a call-in feature? Yes  No
Can students join others' meetings?  Yes, if you do not turn on the “Waiting Room” feature  No. New and unique meeting join links are created for each appointment 
Can we share our screens?  Yes Yes
Can we use virtual backgrounds?  Yes, and filters Yes
Can the chat notes be saved? 
*Note: if you save chat notes, they need to be saved/stored with the same level of precaution as any other advising note. 
Yes, but you’d need to send it to students (not automatically sent). Make sure to separate chat notes by student before sending because notes from all students’ meetings are saved together. Yes, and chat notes would be saved in individual chat spaces that both you and the student could access during and after the appointment (if signed in with their ONID credentials) 
Can you share files?  Yes, can send files directly during meeting and send links via chat – but will not be accessible to both parties after meeting ends Yes, can send files directly during meeting and send links via chat – and will be accessible to both parties after meeting ends (if signed in with ONID credentials)
Can the meeting be recorded? Yes, with both student and advisor permission Yes, with both student and advisor permission
Are there auto-generated closed captions available? Yes, auto-generated closed captions are available (learn more here) Yes, auto-generated closed captions are available
Additional features Whiteboard, Poll, Breakout Rooms, provide feedback (yes, no, go slower, go faster, thumbs down, thumbs up, clapping, need a break, away) Whiteboard, raise your hand


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