MacOS - Cisco AnyConnect Issues with macOS Big Sur


  • When using Cisco AnyConnect with macOS Big Sur, network connections stop working after the computer wakes from sleep.


  • Oregon State University
  • VPN
  • MacOS


MacOS Big Sur requires Cisco AnyConnect 4.9.04xxx or above.


Upgrade Cisco AnyConnect

Uninstall previous versions of Cisco AnyConnect and install version 4.9.04043 or higher.

The latest AnyConnect clients are available here:

IF VPN checkbox is greyed out and cannot be checked. 

1) If the VPN checkbox is greyed out when installing AnyConnect, the Mac had an incomplete install/removal of VPN client.

2) [Click Command + space bar] and type  Terminal  in Spotlight search. 

3)  A Terminal window will appear. Copy the following command within the box and Paste into the Terminal window, then press Enter: 

sudo pkgutil --forget

4) Enter your Mac password and press Enter.  NOTE: The password field does not move/scroll as you type.

5) If the current Mac login account has Admin rights, the command will successfully bypass the (corrupt) installed Cisco VPN. If the current Mac login does not have administrator rights, then an admin user/password must be entered to complete this step.   

5) Retry the installation.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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