Email - Valid Messages Going to the Junk Email or Spam Folder


  • Messages I receive from valid senders are landing in my Junk Email or Spam folder.
  • Messages I send to OSU recipients are landing in their Junk Email or Spam folders.


  • Oregon State University
  • Email


OSU's junk mail filters help reduce the amount of junk mail that appears in your inbox. This can result in some false positives, with valid email ending up in the junk mail folder.


Mark Messages as "Not Junk"

If you are the recipient of an email that has landed in your Junk Email or Spam folder, you can mark the message as not junk. Doing so improves the system's algorithms for future email. If you are the sender, you can provide these instructions to your email recipients.

Help documentation can be found at the links below:

Report Legitimate OSU Bulk Mailer

If the email messages landing in your Junk folder are from an OSU service (e.g. EmpCenter, Banner, OSU Alert, OSU Today, etc.) you can request that they be configured to send without landing in the junk folder:

Note: not all requests to add senders to the global allow list will be accepted. Marking messages as "not junk" is the recommended method.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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