Zoom in Canvas: How do I schedule a single Zoom meeting for multiple Canvas course sites?


  • How do I share the same Zoom meeting link in two different Canvas sites?
  • Can I use the same Zoom meeting link for two different courses I'm teaching?


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It is not possible to have the same Zoom meeting appear on the Zoom tab of multiple Canvas course sites; however, there are a few methods you can use to allow students from different sections to access class-related meetings on Zoom.

Method I:

Set up your meeting on the Zoom tab in the Canvas site for one of your courses, then share the Zoom link and password in the other Canvas site(s) using, for example, a Page in a Module, or an Announcement.

Method II:

If your courses are crosslisted, publish the Canvas site with an "X" in the course code which gives you a single course site to share course materials (including Zoom meetings) with students in all sections.

Method III: 

It may be possible to merge multiple Canvas sites into a single course site so that Zoom meetings will appear on the Zoom tab for all students in all sections. Find steps for merging Canvas courses here (note the required criteria for using the course merge tool). 

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