Kaltura: Alternative video quiz format for IVQ quizzes

The native Kaltura in-video quiz (IVQ) tool allows faculty to overlay questions on a video in Kaltura and deploy these quizzes in Canvas as graded assignments. However, these IVQs are not fully accessible and there is an uncommon, but known, issue that can prevent the IVQ from transferring grades to the Canvas gradebook successfully.

For faculty who wish to ensure that their video quiz is fully accessible and will always successfully transfer grades to the Canvas gradebook, the alternative video quiz format provided below may be useful.

Alternative Format for Kaltura's IVQ

The alternative to the Kaltura IVQ is to create a standard quiz in Canvas and embed the video as the first question, using the "Text (no question)" option, which is then followed by normal Canvas question types related to the video. To help students know when they should attempt each question, faculty are encouraged to add a timestamp to each question for when it should be answered while watching the video. General instructions are provided here. 

  1. Create a Canvas quiz
  2. Select your quiz settings on the Details tab as desired
  3. Click the Questions tab to start adding questions to the quiz
  4. Add a new question. This first question will be where the video is embedded.
  5. Change the question type from "Multiple Choice" to "Text (no question)" as the first question in the quiz
  6. Embed the video into this first question using the small green filmstrip button in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. More information on how to embed Kaltura videos into Canvas.
  7. Add a question of an appropriate type for each question you would like to ask students while they watch the video.
  8. In each question, provide the timestamp of the video when you would like the student to consider the question e.g., "At 1:45 in the video, answer this question."
  9. Save the Canvas quiz

We've provided an example of an original Kaltura in-video quiz with questions overlaid on the video and that same quiz using the Canvas format.

Still have questions?

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