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  • Can I use operators in CORE?
  • Can I use begins with in CORE?
  • Can I use ends with in CORE?
  • Can I choose how I want a filter to be applied?


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Some CORE reports use multi-field parameter that allow you to select a operator (equals, beings with, etc.) to use when searching for a value. This provides much more flexibility than other standard parameters. There are two required fields and both must have values entered in order for the report to operate correctly.

Note: In some reports, value fields are optional. You will know is a field is option because it will have note or will auto fill with with a default value.


  • The left field (Activity) is the operator selector where you can choose Equals, Begins With, Ends With, Contains, Null, etc.
  • The right field (Activity Code Value) is where you would enter a value to search the activity codes on.



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