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  • How do I use the wildcard symbol in CORE?
  • Why is there a percentage sign in a CORE report parameter?


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The CORE wildcard symbol is the percent sign (%). It is used to replace unknown or missing letters or numbers in the search box or a report parameter field. If a report parameter field supports use of wildcards, the box will either default to the %:

or the parameter text will indicate wildcards are allowable:

Default to the %

Either of these search functions will produce the same result.

Examples of using a wildcard in CORE

Values put into the account field in a financial report:

  • 7 followed by the wildcard: 7%
    • Search Result: All accounts which begin with 7
  • 79 followed by the wildcard: 79%
    • Search Result: All accounts which begin with 79
  • 793 followed by the wildcard: 793%
    • Search Results: All accounts which begin with 793

Note: The more characters used with the wildcard symbol in the parameter the fewer records the report will return. If you are expecting more results try removing characters before or after the wildcard (e.g. change 793% to 79%)

Note: A wildcard may cause a report to take longer to run or to timeout. If this happens try reducing the results by adding characters before or after the wildcard (e.g. change 79% to 793%).

Note: It is general recommended to include at least one character before or after the wildcard. Otherwise the report will bring back all results for the parameter, which for certain data sets could be millions of rows.


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