Gradescope: Creating a Gradescope course and link it to Canvas


  • How do I create a Gradescope course and link it to my Canvas course? 


  • Oregon State University
    • Faculty
      • Canvas
      • Gradescope


  1. When you click on the Gradescope link in the Canvas course menu, you will be taken to a new tab where Gradescope is open. 

  2. You will then immediately be taken to a screen that asks whether you want to link the Canvas course to a new Gradescope course, or to an existing one. 

  3. If you select “new course”, a new course will be created for you in Gradescope and it will be auto-linked to the Canvas course. 

After you complete the 3 steps above, your Canvas course is linked to your Gradescope course. To make sure you can use AI student matching, grading, and sync grades between Canvas and Gradescope, you need to also sync roster. See article on Syncing roster