Gradescope: Creating and linking Gradescope and Canvas assignments


  • How do I create a Gradescope assignment that is linked to my Canvas assignment? 


  • Oregon State University
    • Faculty
      • Canvas
      • Gradescope


Note: In order to link Gradescope and Canvas assignment. You need to make sure you have created a Gradescope course and that this course is linked to your Canvas course. 
Step 1: Create Canvas assignment first.
  1. In Canvas, create an assignment. Choose either External Tool or On Paper as the submission type.

  • When using the On Paper submission type in Canvas, students can see the grades from Canvas after you publish the grades from Gradescope to Canvas, but they need to go to Gradescope to review any comments you leave for them. 

  • When using the External Tool submission type, students don’t need to leave Canvas in order to submit work to Gradescope or to view their Gradescope feedback. 

  • In general, for any student-uploaded assignments, the External Tool submission type is recommended so students do not need to leave Canvas to submit assignments.

  1. If you chose the External tool submission type in step 1, you will need to locate and select Gradescope in the “Enter or find an External Tool URL” dialog box.

  • Checking the “Load this Tool in A New Tab” will cause the Gradescope assignment to open in a new tab outside of Canvas, instead of embedding them within Canvas.

       3. Make sure you enter the points possible and due date for your Canvas assignment. 

Step 2: Create an assignment in Gradescope and link it to Canvas assignment
  1. Click Gradescope in your Canvas course menu to navigate to your Gradescope site. 

  2. On the Gradescope site, click the Assignment tab in the left hand menu

  3. Click Create Assignment on the bottom right of the screen. 

  4. Choose the assignment type you want to use and follow the prompts. 

  5. Make sure the points possible and the due date on your Gradescope assignment align with the points possible and due date on the Canvas assignment 

  6. After creating the Gradescope assignment, click Settings (located below the Regrade Requests and Statistics assignment menu options)

  7. Click the Link button located under the Canvas Assignment header

  8. Select the Canvas assignment in the drop-down menu and click Link Assignment