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Email addresses associated with older OSU Canvas Visitor accounts may not be verified in Canvas. An unverified email address will prevent the Canvas account from being added to extension courses such as the OSU Master Beekeeper courses. Please use the following steps to verify your email address associated with your OSU Visitor Account.

Confirm Email in Canvas

  1. Log in to to your Canvas account through the PACE login portal
  2. Click Account at the top of the left-most Canvas menu
  3. Click Settings from the fly out menu
  4. Locate your account email address on the right side of the page, or bottom of page if your screen is small
  5. If an Exclamation Mark icon is located next to your email address, your email address needs to be verified
  6. Click your email address to open a pop-out window to re-send a confirmation email
  7. Click Re-Send Confirmation Email to send a confirmation email from Canvas to your email address
    Re-send Confirmation Email dialog box
  8. Keep Canvas open in your browser window and open your email inbox
  9. Locate the confirmation email from Canvas in your email inbox
  10. Click the link to confirm your email with Canvas
  11. Clicking the link in the confirmation email should return you to Canvas in your browser window
  12. Navigate back to your Accounts Settings (steps 2 and 3) and confirm that the Exclamation Mark icon is no longer visible

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