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The Direct Payment System is for processing OSU Foundation (OSUF) payments directly to an individual or a vendor. The payment request is initiated electronically and is complete when the transaction has been approved and printed. Printing the Direct Payment Request begins the action of electronically forwarding the request to the OSU Foundation.

Expenses allowed to paid through the Direct Payment System are:

  • Alcohol and Fundraising
  • Expense is not allowable for payment by Oregon State University
  • Payment for the expense will be paid directly to the payee (employee, individual or organization)
  • Scholarships

Expenses not allowed to be paid through the Direct Payment System are:

  • Expense paid through the Oregon State University accounts payable system
  • The Index charged for the expense started with FS
  • An invoice was received and paid directly by Oregon State University
  • The expense is representative of an OSU cost of doing business
  • Scholarships

If expenses not allowed in the Direct Payment System use:



To create a Direct Payment request

  1. Login and Locate the OSU Direct Payment System Page.
  2. Next move your cursor over Direct Payment and select “Create Request”.
  3. Beginning with the Vendor Name box, type the name of the individual or vendor you want to pay.

    Once the vendor name is selected, the current mailing address will populate.
  4. Next enter the invoice number and invoice date in the applicable boxes. If an invoice number is not provided by the vendor, or you have multiple receipts, do not make up an invoice number. The system will generate an invoice number and add a date and time stamp (i.e. ##### YYYYMMDD HHMMSS).
  5. Enter a detailed Business Purpose for this payment. Be sure your entries can answer the 5 W’s— Who, What, Where, When & Why.
  6. Now select the applicable OSUF account number from the drop down list.
  7. Next enter the Project ID. After entering the first five digits, i.e. 4100–X or 4110-X, a dropdown list will populate for the number series. Once you select the Project ID, a name should automatically appear in the Signer box.

    Note: If a Signer name does not automatically populate for the Project ID, you will need to add a signer to the account. Please refer to the document, How to Create or Edit a Signer Sheet.

  8. Select a Program Code from the dropdown list. Enter an Activity Code if required. Fill in the dollar amount. If the invoice has expense of more than one type, repeat the steps until the Total Line equals the vendor invoice total. Click on the information icon to see a list of program code definitions.
  9. Below the payment section, select from one of the Disposition of Check options. Fill in the delivery information needed. Then click, Next.
  10. Once you click next, the Direct Payment System searches the OSU Banner system for payments with the same invoice number.
    If duplicate invoice numbers are identified in Banner, regardless of the vendor, the following caution message will appear on the screen. An additional step is required before the Direct Payment Request can be submitted.
    1. Click Review

      Caution: DO NOT IGNORE THIS POP-UP NOTICE. Due diligence must be exercised when entering and reviewing transactions to ensure duplicate payments are prevented.

    2. Review the Invoice Summary list to determine if the Direct Payment Request prepared has been paid previously. If the Invoice for the Direct Payment Request has been paid, STOP and CANCEL your entry. If the Invoice for the Direct Payment Request has not been paid, click the x to close, returning to the caution message.

      Note: If an invoice is paid on a FS Index, the transaction must be processed using the Direct Reimbursement System.

    3. Check the box indicating you have “...reviewed & verified that the invoice...has not been paid by OSU.” Click Ok to proceed, returning to the Direct Payment Request. Click Next.
  11. The original screen will reappear. Click Submit to forward your Direct Payment Request to the OSUF.
  12. The Direct Payment System will assign a Document ID number to your transaction and populate in the Pending Direct Payment Requests originated from you list on the Direct Payment System home page. An indicator on the right hand side will indicate the status of your Direct Payment Request.

All documents will initially indicate Pending until reviewed by the OSUF.

To revise/edit Direct Payment Request

  1. Visit https://iar.oregonstate.edu/bic/osuf and Login to the Direct Payment System.
  2. Next move your cursor over “Direct Payment” and select “Search Requests” OR locate your request on your “Pending Direct Payment Requests Originated by You” (see page 2).

    Choose one of the following search criteria to locate your document:

    From the Direct Payment System home page, scroll through the “Pending Direct Payment Requests originated by you” to locate the document to revise.
  3. Either method should populate your Direct Payment Request as demonstrated below. Click the Revise button to proceed.
  4. Clicking revise will populate the Direct Payment Request in an editable format. Any element of the original entry can be changed, beginning with the Vendor Name through the Account Coding. Once the changes are complete, click Next.
    If the Invoice Number was identified in Banner as a duplicate during the original entry, the Caution Message will reappear. Follow the steps necessary for verifying the invoice has not been paid, returning to the Direct Payment Request. Click Next.
  5. Next select Submit or CancelCancel returns to the Payment Request. Submit forwards the Direct Payment Request to the OSU Foundation for review and approval, returning you to the Direct Payment System home page.


For assistance, contact Data Reference Desk (DRD).


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