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CORE is the central data report library for OSU. It can be accessed at Student club treasurers and financial officers get access to CORE to see the balance on their club index using the index search at the bottom of the uReports page in CORE.


Club Officer Cannot Access CORE

Note: After clicking on the OSU Clubs Database link, for the OSU Login, you will need to create an Ideal-Logic account (for first time logins) after authenticating and getting past DUO.

Student access to CORE is based on the data in the OSU Clubs database. To access CORE a student club officer needs to:

  • Have their club included in the data base
  • Have the word treasurer or financial in their title
    • They can find this by going to the clubs page in the database and looking under the Officer's tab.
    • This be be resolved by adding treasure or financial to the club officer's title.
    • Note: It takes a day for changes to appear in CORE as new data is added to CORE during a nightly load. If a student changes their title today they will not have access to CORE until tomorrow.
  • Have a recognized club for the current academic year.
    • They can find this in the database page for your club in the right hand sidebar Status section.
    • If your club is not recognized for the year follow up with Clubs and Organizations for help:
  • If all of these conditions are true there can be times when there is a disconnect between the student club database and the CORE servers. Waiting a day or two will usually resolve this issue when the data in the CORE server is updated in the nightly load.
  • If none of these options resolve the issue contact Data and Information Architecture (DIA) for help

Questions about financial data or transactions

UIT does not manage the finances for student clubs so we cannot:

  • Answer questions about transactions on an index
  • Enter transactions or deposits on an index
  • Resolving missing transactions or errors on an index
  • Answer questions about financial data terms

For help with financial questions, student club officers can reach out to Clubs & Organizations at


For assistance, Contact IAR.

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