Exchange Online - Former Employee Can't Access Outlook; Error "You cannot access this right now" or "Error Code: 53003"


  • I can't access my email in Outlook any more.
  • When I try to login to Outlook on the Web, I receive the error "You cannot access this right now."
  • When I try to sign in to Outlook on the Web, I receive "Error code: 53003":


  • Oregon State University
  • Exchange Email
  • Employee, Former Employee


The error message means that your account does not have access to Exchange email. 

Access to Exchange email (and Office 365 apps) is automatically disabled for former employees.


If you have a current job, you should not be seeing this error. Please contact your department HR to determine why you are not showing as a current employee.

If you are a former employee, this error is expected. If you have recently left OSU and need personal items from your employee mailbox, your IT team may be able to grant your former supervisor access to retrieve those items for you.

If you are a former employee but still need access to your OSU account because you are still doing some work with OSU, or will be in another job soon at OSU, you can ask your department to "sponsor" your account. This will restore your access to email and other services. For information about sponsorship, see: ONID - Sponsor an ONID Account


Note for IT Pros: Employees who have been "terminated" in Banner will show in the m365nologin group in RefTool.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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