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  • What are the Inform lists?
  • I am not receiving messages sent to Inform.
  • How do I send to the Inform lists?


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The Inform lists are used to send official email communications to OSU employees and associates.

More information about the Inform lists can be found here:

Known Issues

  1. I am not receiving messages sent to an Inform list.
    • Employees are listed on the Inform list with their primary email address. If an employee does not have a primary email address set, they will not receive Inform mailings until they set one. You can check for a primary email address by looking someone up by name in the OSU Online Directory:
    • Employees will be on different Inform lists depending on their employee type. Not all inform messages are sent to all lists.
  2. How do I send a message to an Inform list?
  3. How do I remove myself from an Inform list?
    • Because the Inform lists are auto-synced from a Banner feed, we can't remove individuals. You can filter messages to a folder if you do not wish to read them.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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