Obtain a "First.Last@oregonstate.edu" Exchange Email Address


  • How do I get a "First.Last@oregonstate.edu" Exchange Email Address?


  • Oregon State
  • Employee, Associate, or Student Employee


When new employees start at OSU, they will be asked to set up their ONID account. The ONID account is automatically set up with a Gmail mailbox and an email address of username@oregonstate.edu. For most employees, an Exchange mailbox will then be added to the ONID account with a primary address of First.Last@oregonstate.edu

Undergraduate students cannot request a first.last@oregonstate.edu email address. Their email address will be username@oregonstate.edu.

Note: When an Exchange mailbox is set up for an employee, the Exchange mailbox becomes the primary mailbox on the ONID account. From the time the mailbox is created, email addressed to the username@oregonstate.edu address will be delivered to the Exchange mailbox only.

This is the typical configuration for all users whose primary affiliation with the university is Employee, as well as for most Associates and some graduate students.

The user can still log into their Gmail mailbox and send email. However, it is typical for email sent to the Gmail mailbox to be forwarded to the Exchange mailbox. It is possible to send mail to the Gmail mailbox if mail forwarding is not enabled by using the email address of <username@onid.oregonstate.edu>. However, we recommend that a forward be placed on the Gmail mailbox instead, and that all mail be read at the Exchange mailbox. For employees who are taking classes, mailbox filters can be used to keep student-related mail separate from employment-related mail.


To get a first.last@oregonstate.edu Exchange mailbox:

  • For departments supported by Community Network (CN) or Cosine, the employee supervisor or LRP should submit the CN New Account Request form. The Service Desk will create the Exchange mailbox and first.last email address.
  • For all other departments, please contact your IT support team to set up an Exchange mailbox.

Once you have an Exchange mailbox, see Access Exchange Email for help accessing your email.


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