Wireless - Connect to OSU_Secure on Linux

Note: The IS Service Desk's support of Linux is on a "best effort" basis. As there are numerous distributions of Linux and varying methods to configure it, it is difficult for us to maintain documentation for all situations. The details on this page are only suggestions that have been reported to work in the past. OSU community members may also be able to get assistance from the Linux Users Group on campus.


  • How do I connect a computer running Linux to OSU_Secure?


  • Oregon State University
  • Wireless Network
  • OSU_Secure
  • Linux


The setup instructions for Linux/Unix is variable depending on which version is installed. Instead of detailed instructions, here is the general settings for the OSU Secure network:

  • SSID: OSU_Secure
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • EAP Method: PEAP (PEAPv0/EAP-MSCHAPv2)
  • Key Type: AES (or automatic)
  • Check the "No CA certificate is required" box
  • Phase2 Type: MSCHAPv2
  • Domain (If required): ONID
  • Username: ONID Username
  • Password: ONID Password

If you are unable to get the default wireless manager to work, users have had success switching to WICD as their wireless manager.

For help installing WICD for your flavor of Linux, see the WICD Downloads Page. The top of this page also provides some basic troubleshooting steps to start using it.

NOTE: Once you install WICD, you will have to uninstall or stop your other wireless manager to use it.


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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