Google Drive - Sharing Files


In some situations you will want to share your files in your Google Drive with another person. This could be for collaborating on a project or passing on files that you had saved for them.


  • Have an ONID Gmail account
  • Have a connection to the Internet


  1. Check the box of the file/files you wish to share
  2. Click on the More button
  3. In the drop down menu, hover over Share, and then click "Share..." in the new menu
  4. Add the people with whom you wish to share the document. In the "Invite people" section of the panel, type their name (if they are an OSU student or employee) or their email address. (note: these persons must have Google accounts to see the file you share.)
  5. By default, you are prompted to send an email to persons with whom you are sharing. Alternatively, uncheck the "Notify people via email" box and, instead, copy the "link to share" URL at the top of the sharing settings menu and send that to your collaborators.
  6. Click Done

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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