Updating Windows Profile ONID Password as an Employee Off-Campus


There may be a time where you need to reset your ONID password while you are not on campus or at an office connected to the oregonstate.edu network. When you are not connected to the Oregon State network your computer stores a local copy of your ONID password to allow you to log in with your ONID account. In order to get your computer to accept your new password you will need to get connected to the Oregon State.


  • Have an active ONID account
  • Recently changed ONID password
  • Have a Windows device
  • Have a Oregon State VPN connection 


  1. Connect to the Oregon State Network using a VPN
  2. Open the Start Menu
  3. Lock the computer
  4. Log in using your new ONID password.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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Tue 1/16/18 9:12 AM
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