Duo - Sign-up with a Hardware Token


  • How do I sign-up for Duo using a hardware token?


  • Oregon State
    • Employee or Student
    • Be signed-up for Duo
    • Have a Duo hardware token (must not have been used by someone else)


The steps in this article are for first time Duo sign-up with a hardware token. If you are already signed up for Duo and want to add a hardware token as an additional device, please see Duo - Manage Your Devices instead.


How and Where to Obtain a Duo Hardware Token:

Sign-up Procedure

  1. Go to duo.oregonstate.edu, and click “Sign-up for Duo.”
  2. Sign in with your ONID credentials.
  3. Click “Sign up with a Hardware Token.”
    Shows buttons for sign-up with mobile device, and sign-up with hardware token.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to add the token to your account.
    (Note: occasionally, the hardware token will become out-of-sync with Duo, and the code generated by the token may not work at first. You can easily re-sync the token by generating and entering 3 new passcodes at any Duo login page, including this one.)
    Shows hardware token sign-up interface with step to enter serial number and passcode from token.
  5. Now when you sign through OSU Login (Single Sign-On aka SSO) you will be brought to this page. Click “Enter a Passcode”
    Shows duo authentication prompt with option to enter a passcode.
  6. Click the button on your token to generate a code, type it into the text field, and click “Log In”
  7. If the login code is accepted you will get a green “Success!” bar at the bottom of the Duo portal screen.
    Shows example of entering passcode.


For assistance with Duo, please contact your department's IT Helpdesk, or the Service Desk

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