Spam Email Filtering - Outlook on the Web App


Configuring your email to filter out spam can help you be more productive by automatically removing spam from your email account for you.


  • Have an Exchange account
  • Have a connection to the Internet


  1. Log into the Outlook on the Web App
  2. On the upper-right, click on Settings (Gear Icon) and choose View all Outlook Settings.
  3. Click the Mail tab > Rules > Add new rule
  4. Fill out the Rules options:
    1. Name the rule something relevant (ex. Filer Spam)
    2. Add a Condition: Select "Message header includes" from the drop-down list and add "X-Spam-Flag: YES" in the Enter words to look for text field.
    3. Add another condition:  Select "Apply to all messages"
    4. Add an Action: Select Move To and then select the Junk Email folder
    5. Click Save


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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