Phishing Example - Help Requests

Symptoms or Request:

The "request for help" type of e-mail fraud takes this form. An e-mail is sent requesting help in some way, but including a reward for this help as a "hook," such as a large amount of money, a treasure, or some artifact of supposedly great value


The modern e-mail version of this scam, known variously as the "Nigerian scam", "Nigerian All-Stars," etc., because it is typically based in Nigeria, is an advance fee fraud. The lottery scam is a contemporary twist on this scam. Responding to these emails cost someone money and loss of their identity.


Forwarding the email to helps to get the email sender blocked on our system faster.

  1. Look up the relevant article for your email system for the proper way of submitting the email.
  2. Forward the email to
  3. Delete the email or place it in a folder for archival persons.

Once you have submitted the phishing attempt and it is processed the sender's email will be added to our block list and they should be unable to send a phishing attempt from that email account again.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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