Citrix Apps Overview

What is Citrix Apps?

Citrix is a remote application program that allows you to access various programs that are usually found in Oregon State University computer labs, such as SPSS, ENVI, and ArcGIS, through the comfort of your own web browser. Citrix Apps also offers access to remote desktop environments similar to the ones found on campus lab computers.

Anyone with an ONID account may have access to Citrix Apps.

How do I access Citrix Apps?

Citrix Apps is available through Log in with your ONID username and password.

What programs can I use through Citrix Apps?

You may find a comprehensive list (as of 2/28/2018) of programs offered through Citrix apps in the following document: Citrix Applications List

Additional Information:

For assistance with installing the Citrix Workspace, logging into the application for the first time, and more, refer to articles in the Citrix Apps category.

If you need any assistance, feel free to call the Service Desk at 541-737-8787.


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