MyOSU Tab - Cascades Campus Life


The Cascades Campus Life tab provides information about events going on at the Cascades Campus. Below we will walk through the information available.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Who is qualified to view this content?
    • Everyone associated with the Cascade Campus of Oregon State Universtiy should be able to view this tab.
  • What information is available?
    • This tab displays alot of general Cascade Campus information, including upcoming events, groups and communities based on the Cascade Campus, and useful links to transit help; such as campus maps, parking permits, etc. A list of campus resources targetted to Student support and assistance is also available.

Available Modules:

  • Getting Involved: This portlet contains links to different Campus services, with helpful information in Community building, Internship assistance, information relating to Study Abroad, as well as a list of on-campus recreational activities.
  • Safety: Has links to OSU Alerts, Public Saftey, Student Conduct, as well as the Emeregency Notification log of past announcements.
  • Staying Connected: Contains OSU Cascades Facebook profile and a link to the campus newspaper.
  • Events: Calendars for both Cascades campus as well as the Bend and Central Oregon Events can be found here.
  • Campus Resources: Information Relating to housing and dining on Cascade campus, as well as opporutnities for employment are placed here.
  • Transportation: This portlet contains information such as campus maps, parking maps, parking permit information, as well as helpful links to local transportation services.
  • Support Resources: Helpful links to campus services aimed for student assistance, health and wellness services, as well as information about Financial aid.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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