MyOSU Tab - Paying for College


The Paying for College tab provides information regarding finances for their education. Below we will walk through the information available.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Who is qualified to view this content?
    • All Oregon State University students, except for those in the INTO program.
  • What information is available?
    • A wealth of knowledge, ranging from finding financial aid tips, to assistance in estimating the Cost of Attendance at Oregon State University. You can also find a host of links to campus financial services, and even tutorials online to assist with utilizing your Orange Card, or to help you pay for your term at OSU.

Available Modules:

  • My OSU Student Account: See a display of account balances for term-related charges and nonterm-related charges.
  • Financial Services (Managing my $): This quick-link box contains links to almost any form necessary to pay your bill, check your tax information, or request an emergency loan.
  • Important Dates: A calendar of upcoming events and dates students should be mindful of.
  • Questions? Email us!: A one-stop location for multiple help email addresses.
  • Cost of Attendance: View the current cost of attendance, as well as calculators, tables, and services all aimed to help explain how much enrollment will cost.
  • Student Employment Opportunities: Links to multiple campus sponsored job search tools.
  • Financial Aid Requirements: The status of requirements for your financial aid, provided by the Financial Aid Office.
  • Financial Aid Awards: This portlet provides many resources to help you understand your financial aid rewards.
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships: Useful FAQs about federal and state assistance, international scholarships, and local scholarships.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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