MyOSU Tab - Student


The Student tab is a tab that displays relevant information for OSU students. Below we will walk through the information available.

Frequently asked Questions:

  • Who is qualified to view this content?
    • All Oregon State University students, except for Cacasde Campus students are able to view this page.
  • What information is available?
    • This page contains relevent student information including registration tools, quick links to student resources, calendar events and on-campus technology services.

Available Modules:

  • My Student Stuff: Links to popular and useful Oregon State University web services aimed to help students stay on track while at OSU.
  • Academic Profile: Your current progress with Oregon State University is displayed here.
  • Important Dates: Upcoming important dates for Oregon State University students, such as registration time lines, term scheduling, and other useful events students would be interested in.
  • Registration Tools: This portlet contains any and all information students would need to enroll, modify grading status, and much, much more!
  • Student Grades: This portlet pulls student information and displays the current term's grade.
  • Learn@OregonState: A list of quick links to Blackboard and Canvas, along with a guide on how to use Canvas.
  • Student Academic Services: Helpful information pertaining to the admissions office, locations of academic support services, and forms frequently used by students.
  • Technology: Information about what services are available on campus at any given time, along with information needed to access Software licenced by the University.

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