IT Helpdesks for Employees


  • Where can I get IT support as an employee?
  • Who is my IT support team?


UIT Customer Experience provides desktop support to about half of campus through the Community Network service. Some colleges and departments provide IT support through their own helpdesks. If you are affiliated with one of the below colleges or departments, please contact the applicable helpdesk for IT support.

OSU IT Helpdesks

  • Community Network (541-737-8787)
    • Most administrative units: President's Office, Provost's Office, Finance & Admin, Research, Faculty Affairs, Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Information and Technology, Ecampus, Graduate School, Honors College, International Affairs, Outreach and Engagement
    • Business Centers: AMBC, ASBC, AABC, HSBC, UABC
    • OSU-Cascades
    • Hatfield Marine Science Center
    • Portland Center
    • College of Agricultural Sciences: Department of Agricultural Education
    • College of Pharmacy
    • College of Public Health and Human Sciences
    • County Extension Offices and Ag Experiment Stations
    • Other units: SeaGrant, SpaceGrant, LPI, CFTH, LARC, MSI, INTO, Ag Research Foundation
  • Roots IT (541-737-2443)
    • College of Agricultural Sciences Deans Office
    • Animal and Rangeland Sciences
    • Greenhouse
    • Horticulture
    • Crop and Soil Science
    • Fisheries and Wildlife
    • Food Science and Technology
    • EHSC
    • Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
    • Oregon Wine Research Institute
    • SeedLab
    • CGRB
    • SARL
  • COSINe (541-737-5574)
    • College of Science
    • College of Liberal Arts
    • College of Education
    • Some College of Agricultural Sciences departments: Economics, Botany and Plant Pathology, Greenhouse
    • Centers: CRLSL, EHSC, IPPC
  • College of Business Helpdesk (541-737-0947)
  • College of Engineering IT Support (
  • College of Forestry Helpdesk (541-737-2152)
  • College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (, 541-737-0772)
  • Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine IT Support and Services (, 541-737-0074)
  • Data And Media Infrastructure Team (Athletics,, 541 737 5858)
  • UHDS IT Support (541-737-2015)
  • Dixon Recreation (541-737-2943)
  • Student Health Services IS (, 541-737-0600)

If you are not sure which helpdesk supports your OSU workstation, please contact the Service Desk and they will refer you to the correct team.

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