CN - Accessing MyCN

Accessing Your Network Drives from Off Campus

Do you go to a conference and discover that you forgot to load your PowerPoint presentation? Sitting at home thinking about that report for the Dean that's due tomorrow morning that you've just remembered an important point you wanted to include? Now it's easier than ever to remotely access your network storage using MyCN.

How to connect

  1. To access MyCN, open your web browser and point your web browser to:
  2. Sign in with your ONID or CN account; Enter your username as either ONID\username or CN\username. MyCN web page
  3. You will now be logged into MyCN and see a page similar to the following: 

From this page, you can access your Home Directory (P:\ Drive) as well as any department share drives (S:\ Drive). Also, under "Settings", you can change your CN password. 

How to work with the folders and files

  • Files can be dragged and dropped into folders, just like a standard file explorer
  • Folders/files can be shared by link or email by the 'Share' button in the toolbar, or right-clicking and selecting 'Share'
    • NOTE: Only OSU members with access to those file locations will be able to access the file
  • For any folder/file you have access to, you can download it by clicking the 'Download' button in the toolbar, or right-clicking the file and selecting 'Download'
  • Using the 'Upload' button, you can upload your own files to any shared file space you have access to



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