Outlook for Mac - Updating Display of Renamed Exchange Calendar


  • How do I update the display name of a shared calendar that was renamed?
  • The shared calendar has a different name on my co-worker's computer.
  • This calendar is showing the old name of the calendar.


  • Oregon State
  • Employee or Student Employee
  • MacOS
  • Outlook


When a shared calendar is renamed, Outlook doesn't automatically update the new name if the calendar was previously added to the Outlook profile.


  1. Right click on the calendar that's been renamed and click "Remove from View".
    NOTE: This only removes the calendar from view in Outlook, it doesn't remove the calendar for everyone.
  2. From the top, click on "Open Shared Calendar".
  3. Search for the new name of the calendar, select it, and hit "Open".
  4. Click "OK".

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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