Duo - Replace a Phone


  • How do I replace the phone I use for Duo two-step login?


  • Oregon State
  • Student or Employee
  • Duo 
  • Second Duo device or bypass code
  • Computer with Internet access


Important: to reactivate your phone, or to activate a new phone with the same number, please see Duo - How to Reactivate My Phone.

Note: The instructions below assume you have another device - such as a hardware token -  Duo, or that you still have access to your old Duo device. If you only had one Duo device and lost access to your old device, you will need to call your IT support team, or the IS Service Desk at 541-737-8787.  You may also visit in person at Milne Computer Center room 201 during open hours to obtain a temporary Duo bypass code before following these steps. It's not possible to verify your identity via email, so a phone call or in-person visit are required for a bypass code.

The web browser steps are easiest to complete with a computer rather than a mobile device.

Method 1 - Multiple Duo Devices

To set up a new phone (or another mobile device) for Duo:

  1. In a web browser, visit duo.oregonstate.edu
  2. Select Manage your Duo Devices 
  3. Use your second device (e.g. hardware token) to generate a passcode or use a bypass code (see note above); select Enter a Passcode, type the code into the box, and click Login
  4. Select + Add another device
  5. Select Mobile phone and click Continue
  6. Enter your phone number
  7. Check the box to replace the existing number (assuming your cell phone number did not change) and click Continue
  8. Specify the type of phone and click Continue
  9. On your new device, go to the app store and install the Duo Mobile app
  10. Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device and select Get Started; you may need to allow the app to use your camera
  11. In your web browser, select I have Duo Mobile Installed 
  12. A bar code (QR code) will appear in your web browser; on your phone, allow the Duo Mobile app to scan the bar code
  13. Once Duo is activated on your device, click Continue in your web browser
  14. To test logging in with Duo on your new device, go to my.oregonstate.edu or another OSU site with OSU Login
  15. Note: you may need to re-enable the 12-hour "remember me" feature for your new Duo device

Method 2 - Using Old Phone

  1. If you had an iOS or Android device, please follow the Duo Instant Restore steps applicable to your device at https://guide.duo.com/duo-restore.  

See the Duo self-service device management guide for more information about adding multiple Duo devices, setting a default device, removing a device and more.

For assistance with Duo, please contact your department's IT Helpdesk, or the Service Desk


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