Wireless - OSU_Access Disabled in Several Locations on September 4, 2018


  • I can't see the OSU_Access network in my dorm.
  • I can't see the OSU_Access network in another OSU building.


  • Oregon State University
  • Resident student
  • Student or Employee on-campus
  • Wireless connection


As part of an effort to secure OSU's network, OSU will be gradually decommissioning the unsecured OSU_Access wireless network.

On September 4, 2018, OSU_Access was turned off in the following buildings:

  • UHDS facilities (includes all dorms on the Corvallis campus)
  • Athletics facilities
  • Kerr Administration
  • Snell Hall
  • Jefferson Street Building
  • University Plaza
  • Milne Computer Center
  • Student Experience Center (SEC)
  • Beth Ray Center
  • Memorial Union
  • Learning Innovation Center (LINC)

For details about this project, see: OSU_Access Retirement


  1. Connect to either the eduroam or OSU_Secure networks instead.

    • Both networks are secure and are configured the same way, but eduroam allows you to connect at other participating institutions as well and is recommended.

  2. Use a wired connection for devices that cannot connect to eduroam or OSU_Secure.

    • Both eduroam and OSU_Secure use "Enterprise WPA" to authenticate. The device you connect with has to be able to provide both your username and password in order to connect.

    • If your device does not have a wired network jack, use an adapter (such as a USB to RJ45 adapter).

    • Wired connections are available in the dorms upon request and require registration. See: https://uhds.oregonstate.edu/resnet/get-connected

  3. If your device cannot connect to eduroam, OSU_Secure or the wired network, you can use Visitor. Note that the Visitor network is not a secured network and is not recommended for OSU students and employees. You can encrypt your wireless connection by connecting to the OSU VPN while on Visitor.

    • Note: Visitor is not available in the dorms. OSU housing residents may connect consumer products such as Rokus, smart home assistants and some game consoles to the OSU_Unsecured network.


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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