Known Issue: Kaltura Capture screen recorder crashes


  • Some users of Kaltura Capture screen recorder tool are reporting crashes of the software after installing.


  • Oregon State
    • Kaltura


The issue appears related to driver incompatibility in Windows. More recent versions of Kaltura Capture have addressed most of these issues.


Upgrade Kaltura Capture to the most recent version. If Kaltura Capture does not automatically upgrade to the current version, instruct the user to go through the installation process, which will replace older versions with the most recent version. If the issue persists, escalate the issue.

Kaltura Capture is only one of many screen and webcam recording tools available to users and in no case should a user be required to use this software. Alternate solutions are available:

  • is an easy to download and install Windows app for screen recordings


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Thu 10/18/18 12:32 PM
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