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The OSU Online Directory can be accessed at: directory.oregonstate.edu

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The "Person" and "Department Name" fields find a match for the word combinations provided. Punctuation will be ignored in this field.

The "Office or Department" field will help reduce the results depending on what part of campus the person is associated with at OSU. Acronyms like ECE and CS are not likely to work. Try using Engineering or Science instead. Using this field alone will result in a full list of contact information.

E-mail addresses entered into the "E-Mail Address" field must be the person's complete e-mail address (e.g. john@nowwhere.noplace.edu would work, but just john would not work).

Information entered into the "Phone Number" field will work in any format; however, only numbers will be recognized. Therefore, using (541)737-1000 or using 5417371000 will produce the same results.


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