Using Your ONID Account

Using Your ONID

The ONID account (now also called "OSU username") is the primary login used by all OSU students, employees and associates. The ONID account is used to log in to a number of services including Gmail, Exchange Email, Canvas, MyOSU, wireless, computer labs, etc.

Set Up ONID Here

How do I sign in to ONID?

After completing the sign up for ONID, the last page will display your ONID Username. This generally takes the form of your last name followed by the first letter of your first name, but will vary depending on the length of your name and how common your name is.

Login to ONID Settings to set your alternate contact info. Alternate contact info is used to help you reset your password if you forget it, so this step is highly recommended.

How do I access my email?

Students receive a Gmail mailbox and most employees and associates receive an Exchange mailbox. If you are an employee who was recently hired, your Exchange mailbox may not have been set up yet. Talk to your department contact or IT group.

For help using Exchange email, see: Employee Email

For help using Gmail, see: ONID Email (Gmail)

How do I access my ONID Home Drive?

All ONID accounts receive 2GB of storage on a network drive.

For instructions on accessing your ONID storage, see: ONID Drive Information

How do I change my ONID Username?

See How to Request a Username Change for more information.

ONID Personal Web Space

With ONID, you can create, maintain, and control a personal website hosted at

Creating a website on the ONID web servers is a fairly straightforward (albeit technical) process, and we have outlined what to do on our publishing Your Web Site page.

How do I access the ONID Shell?

Use an SSH client (such as Putty) to connect to Login with your ONID username and password.


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