Duo - Sign Up and Device Options


  • How do I sign-up for Duo?
  • What device do I choose for Duo?


  • Oregon State
  • Employee, Associate or Student
  • ONID Account
  • Duo


For details about Duo two-step log in or why we use it, see Duo - What Is Duo and Why Do I Need It? and the Duo FAQ

To sign up for Duo, you will need to select a device to sign up with.  Each of these devices have their own sign-up process:

Mobile Device

Hardware Token

Security Key

  • Security keys are small devices that can be plugged into USB ports directly. Security Keys are useful for accessing browser-based authentications, such as those seen on Google Chrome. This authentication method does not currently work for connecting to SSH or other interactive logins.

Touch ID 

  • Touch ID is used as fingerprint identification on some Mac devices. You may use some Mac devices as a Duo authentication method, however be aware that it only works for browser-based authentications. This authentication method does not work for interactive logins, such as SSH.

For assistance with Duo, please contact your department's IT Helpdesk, or the IS Service Desk

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