Duo - Former Employee's Token


  • What should we do with a former employee's Duo token?
  • Can a former employee's Duo token be reused?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee
  • Duo


Former employees still need to use Duo to login to their ONID account and access tax documents online. For this reason, it is generally best for former employees to take their Duo hardware token with them when they leave the university.

If a former employee signed up for Duo with only a hardware token (and not a smart phone) and then leaves their hardware token behind, they will not be able to login to many OSU services. In that case, they will need to contact the Service Desk to verify their identity and receive a bypass code.

If the former employee has another way to login to Duo (such as a smart phone) and has left their hardware token behind, the token can be removed from their account. The change requires a Duo administrator and can take a couple of days to be completed. 

Duo tokens should not be reused.


Contact the Service Desk for assistance.


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