Guide: Filter Mail with SpamAssassin


  • How do I use SpamAssassin tags to filter unwanted email?


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What is SpamAssassin?

Oregon State University uses SpamAssassin to tag inbound email that appears to be spam. You can use these SpamAssassin tags to filter junk mail out of your mailbox.

Example headers that you can filter on:

X-Spam-Flag: YES
X-Spam-Level: ********
 (a # of stars indicating the likeliness that this is spam)

When creating a rule in your e-mail program to filter mail based on SpamAssassin tags, you have the choice of either using the "X-Spam-Flag" header, or the "X-Spam-Level" header. The X-Spam-Flag header will be set to YES whenever the message has a SpamAssassin score of 5 or higher. If you would like to catch messages with a score of 3 or more instead, you can create a rule that looks for this header:

X-Spam-Level: ***

How To Use SpamAssassin

Select the link for SpamAssassin instructions for your email client:


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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