MyCN - Share a File or Folder with a Link

Caution: As of March 2021, only shares on CN-Share and CN-Home can be accessed on MyCN. Access to SIG shares is not available at this time.


  • How do I create a link to share a file or folder via MyCN?


  • Oregon State University
  • Community Network (CN)
  • MyCN


While it is possible to use MyCN to share a file or folder externally, we generally recommend the use of Box for file sharing instead. See:

Please note the steps below apply only to CN customers.


  1. First, store the file or folder you would like to share onto a network share drive. (For example, your S drive or P drive). 
    • If you would like to share a folder, you will need to zip (compress) the folder before it can be shared. A knowledgebase article on how to do this can be found here: How to Compress a Folder
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to in the URL bar of a web browser.
  3. Log in with your account
    • Note for Student Employees: login as
      MyCN "Sign in" screen with example username "".
  4. Navigate down the folder structure using the Plus Button on the left until you find the folder your file is in.
    Navigation menu in MyCN with folders expanded.
  5. Once you find the correct folder, left click on The Folder that your file is located in
  6. Right-click The Folder/File you want to share
  7. Left-click Share and then Left-click Create public link
    Example document with share menu displayed.
  8. Left click Additional parameters in the box that appeared from step 7.
  9. Set an expiration date (if desired).
  10. If you do not need the link to be password-protected, skip to step 12.
  11. Enter your desired password in the Password: field as well as the Repeat password: field.
    Create public link menu with expiration date and password set.
  12. Choose whether to allow "Download" only or "Download or view".
  13. Left click the Create link button
    Create link button.
  14. You can now copy the link to your clipboard by left-clicking the Clipboard Button
    Clipboard button highlighted.
  15. Paste the link into an email message. When the recipient of the email clicks the link the file will be downloaded.
    • Note: if a password was applied, then the recipient will need to type the password before they are able to view or download the file.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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