MyCN - Map a Folder via MyCN in Windows

Caution: As of March 2021, only shares on CN-Share and CN-Home can be accessed on MyCN. Access to SIG shares is not available at this time.


  • How do I create a shortcut to a folder using MyCN?
  • How do I map a folder to my computer using MyCN?


  • Oregon State University
  • Community Network (CN)
  • MyCN


CN-configured computers contain shortcuts to your CN-provided Home Directory and Shared Directory (your "P" and "S" drive). From off-campus, those network paths require a VPN connection to access them. The steps below document an alternative method using MyCN that does not require VPN access.


  1. Establish a MyCN connection using your web browser (Instructions here:

  2. Navigate down the folder structure using the Plus Button on the left until you find the folder you would like to map.

  3. Right-click the folder name, Left-click more, Left-click Map web folders.

  4. Highlight the last net use command and copy it using Ctrl+C

  5. Press Win+R so that the Run Window comes up

  6. Enter cmd and press Enter; this will open a command prompt window

  7. In the command prompt window, paste the net use command using Ctrl+V; then press Enter

    • If prompted, enter your and password 

  8. You should see a message saying what drive letter was mapped, along with "The command completed successfully." You can now close the Command Prompt window.

  9. The folder will now be mapped as a drive under This PC -> Network locations

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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