Duo - Mobile Security Prompt


  • My phone's Duo is giving me a security prompt?
  • Duo says that my phone is unsecured?
  • Is my phone safe?  Duo says it isn't.


  • Oregon State University
  • Student, Employee or Associate
  • Duo-enrolled
  • Duo-enabled phone


The DUO App checks the security of the user's phones by checking a number of criteria, such as if the phone has auto-lock set up, whether the user has a thumbprint registered with the phone, and the phone's operating system. This should not affect your access to Duo, but it is recommended that you improve your phones' security.


How to access Duo's Security Checkup:

  1. Open the Duo App.
  2. Press the Elipses (Android) / Hamburger Button (Iphone) in the top right hand corner.
  3. If you're on an Android, press the Settings Button.  Iphone users can skip this step.
  4. Press Security Checkup.

This will get you to the Security Checkup Page. Selecting any of the categories here will give you detailed instructions on how to improve the security of your mobile device.

If you would like further assistance with Duo, please contact your department's IT Helpdesk, or the IS Service Desk.


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