Duo - Why is My Password Expiring?

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  • Why is my password expiring even though I have Duo?


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  • ONID Account
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One More Password Change

Once a user signs up for Duo, they must perform one more password change, and then that password will never expire. Passwords created before Duo sign up will expire.

Known Issue

When you sign up for Duo, you need to change your password one more time to have a new password policy applied. The new policy allows you to keep your password indefinitely, as long as your account is never compromised.

In 2018, some ONID users who signed up for Duo and then changed their password did not get the new password policy correctly applied. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this for the affected people. If the system asks you to change your password, please do so. After that time, the new password policy will be applied correctly and you will no longer need to change your password.

Compromised Account

If your account was compromised, you will need to change your password, even if you were already signed up for Duo. 


If you are receiving requests to change your password, please do so at http://onid.oregonstate.edu

Once you have done that, the new password policy will be applied and you should not need to change your password again. To confirm that the new password policy was correctly applied, you may contact the IS Service Desk.


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