Online Services - Can't Update Mailing Address


  • I cannot update my address through MyOSU or OSU Online Services. I get the message "Errors occurred. Please try again."


  • Oregon State University
  • OSU Online Services
  • Mailing Address
  • Student or Employee


We use a tool called CLEAN_Address to enforce correctly formatted mailing addresses. CLEAN_Address receives updates for new addresses every 3 months. If your address is not formatted correctly, or is very new, you may have trouble entering it into the system.


Method 1 - Fix Address Errors

Read the suggestions under the error message and try reformatting your address.


Method 2 - Manual Override

If you are unable to enter your address, you will need to contact someone to enter it manually. Please note that IT does not have access to change your address for you.



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Tue 10/8/19 1:14 PM
Tue 10/8/19 1:15 PM