MacOS - Connect to a Windows Server with Remote Desktop

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  • How do I connect to a Windows Server from a Mac?


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  • Remote Desktop


The Microsoft Remote Desktop app can be used to connect to a Windows server from a Mac.


  1. Install the Remote Desktop app:
    1. Open the Apple Store
    2. Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" (or use this link:
    3. Install the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app
  2. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Create a new connection:
    1. Click the + button at the top of the window
    2. Select Desktop
    3. Enter the name or IP address of the Windows Server you would like to connect to
    4. Select Add
  4. Start the connection:
    1. In Microsoft Remote Desktop, double-click on the connection name
    2. Enter your Windows username and password when prompted


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