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  • How do I hide a channel in MS Teams?
  • How do I show a hidden channel in MS Teams?


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When a channel is created in MS Teams, it can be set to be automatically shown in team members' channel lists or not. In addition, members can choose to hide or show a channel. Hiding channels allows you to clean up the channel list to focus on the topics you are most interested in.

For more information about showing or hiding teams or channels (including steps for iOS and Android), see:


Hide a Channel in Teams

  1. Select your team
  2. In the channel list, right-click on a channel and select Hide
     "Hide" option is highlighted.
  3. The channel is now moved to the bottom of the list under "Hidden Channels"

Show a Hidden Channel in Teams

  1. Select your team
  2. In the channel list, select the option that says "hidden channels". Mouse over the hidden channel you want to show and select "Show" to keep the channel in your list
  3. If you click on a hidden channel but don't select "Show" it will be in your channel list for a little while but will disappear again when you click somewhere else. Channels in this state will show in italic font. To keep the channel in your list, mouse over the ellipsis to the right and select "Show".


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